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REWORK the negative messages you were taught to believe about yourself

RECLAIM self-love, self-worth & self-trust

REAP the benefits of healthy boundaries, create a positive family legacy & live a life that makes your heart sing!

In your mother”s eyes, have you never been able to give enough, do enough, be enough, or get it “right”, no matter how hard you try?

Is your self-esteem low, meaning do you have a hard time believing in your perceptions, abilities and wisdom?

Do you long for harmony and balance in your life but feel overwhelmed, anxious or depressed and are unsure how to attain peace and experience joy?

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My name is Oshikan and it's my passion to help you heal the after-effects of a difficult mother relationship.

One of the misconceptions I often get in my work is that you need to change how your mother sees and acts towards you, which can be hopelessly frustrating. This is not how to heal the mother wound.

What you CAN change is how you see yourself; how you think and feel about who you are.

And I would love to support you with this.


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"And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
Anais Nin

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Connect with your Divine Mother Wisdom, your Inner Knowing.  
the wise, competent and resilient person that you are.

When you long for peace and balance for yourself and harmony in your relationships, it's time to take an honest look at your mindset, emotions and ways of being.  

Learn how to transform feeling overwhelmed, suffering with detrimental anger, believing you're 'not enough', endlessly craving one thing or another, or comparing yourself to others.  

Your creative power, clarity and creativity will become easy to access when you combine insight practices with emotional and psychological knowledge.

If your mother has not been supportive in helping you deeply know your self-efficacy and self-worth by being, not a 'perfect mother' but a 'good enough' mom, you can learn to be loving and kind to yourself now.  

My work does not involve 'mom bashing'.  

I help you heal your mother wound and decide what kind of relationship can be possible with your mother.

If you have children, when you experience more harmony and balance by releasing unhelpful learned reactions, it will strengthen you to create a positive family legacy for your children.  

Transforming difficult emotions into insight and discernment feels wonderful!
It frees you to have the zest to do what brings you joy and have the best relationships possible. 

How I can help


Discover which difficult emotions are keeping you stuck 
& learn about the corresponding wisdom you can use to transform your painful emotions.

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Testimonies of Transformation

"She creates an atmosphere of trust"

In my talks with Oshikan about my conflicted relationship with my mother, I have gained clarity. Analyzing my situation together has enabled me to transform my viewpoint and gain new insights. I feel freer and lighter. Oshikan’s knowledge of Positive Psychology and the occasional use of ‘just right’ exercises played an important role in this. What I especially noticed is that Oshikan’s compassionate and empathetic personality made it very easy to open up to her. She creates an atmosphere of trust where you can ‘let go’ while feeling safe and supported.

Lila Holland ~ Berlin, Germany

"Her coaching really helped me"

Oshikan is a great coach. She is adept at peeling back the layers to get to the heart of the matter and truly exhibits the core tenants and ethics of coaching and is very natural at it. She is very present, asks wonderfully powerful questions that intuitively come to her as she listens. I get great value from her reflection, feedback, and follow up questions as well as education from the positive psychology resources she provides. Oshikan allows me to delve into whatever is top of mind for me on a weekly basis. This has been a very flexible and worthwhile approach for me to receive ‘just in time’ coaching. I regularly have insights and come to newfound awareness from working with Oshikan. We did a strengths exercise that helped me define and understand my key strengths even better. Her coaching really helped me define and understand my strengths and how to leverage them in ways that are new for me. I have found this to be of particular benefit, a major breakthrough really, for me professionally.

Kate Adametz ~ Michigan, USA

"I feel much more confident now"

Oshikan helped me deal with and heal wounds that have caused me pain for many decades. Some of the wounds were hidden deep down, percolating in the dark and having me repeating the same mistakes over and over again. I never understood why I would go back to doing things that lead to hurt, disappointment, fear, anxiety and worry. I was in a vicious cycle and setting myself up to extinguish the light in me.

This pain built a sturdy crust around my emotions, dreams and hopes that had started to suffocate me. I missed positive feedback, encouragement, unconditional love, understanding and a safe place to spread my wings. I was turning into a grey woman, expecting and accepting disappointment at every turn of my life.

I feel much more confident now on this journey through life. I have learned how to deal with my fears, anxieties, worries, self-hate and lack of confidence. I learn to embrace the bright, loving, beautiful, caring, charming and intelligent woman that I am. Often I am scared and need reinforcement but Oshikan is always there. Her positivism, strength, tools and exercises she has given me have helped to complete my fractured self. It feels good that the cracks in me start to close and slowly become whole again.

Oshikan has given me encouragement, freedom and safety to say what was unsaid, has helped me to have peace of mind, and has provided stepping-stones and exercises to hold on to for dear life.

Isabelle Collins ~ Originally from Germany, living in New York, USA

"Oshikan is a wonderful, compassionate and caring coach."

Oshikan is a wonderful, compassionate and caring coach. Working with her allowed me to accept my situation, myself and move beyond any difficulties I was experiencing. I think I was ‘infected’ by her positive outlook and her acceptance of who I am. She created a space for me to grow and learn more about myself. Using different techniques from positive psychology, I was able to find the part of myself that doesn't change. That's the gift of her coaching!

Ekaterina Boga ~ Originally from Russia, living in Nevada, USA

"I feel more free and happier than I have in years."

I am a classical pianist from Australia. I originally sought Oshikan's help with positive psychology in helping me to decide whether to continue studying in New York, or move back to Australia. Oshikan helped me to make contact with and listen to all of the many thoughts and feelings I had about this decision. One of the most painful feelings I held about my potential move was the strong fear, that even after nearly twelve years of studying, I had still not learned enough. After allowing this fear to be voiced and explored, Oshikan took me through a series of very powerful exercises, which helped me to reframe this limiting and painful perspective. With her help, I came to see other options for my life: other interests, passions and career possibilities. Opening up to these options, has brought me out of my feeling of being imprisoned with only one possible path in life. I feel more free and happier than I have in years. I feel that my life is back in my control, and no longer run by what felt like forces outside of myself.

Justin Jacobs ~ Melbourne, Australia

"I can highly recommend her services"

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Oshikan for four years, through relocation, three job and career changes, a home purchase and a first pregnancy. She has certainly been part of most of the biggest transitions of my life and her guidance and perspective have been very helpful for me to manage these changes and move forward. We coach over the phone, which I was skeptical about at first, but which has worked very well, even across different time zones. We cover a range of subjects from career to adjustment to relationships to life as a lovepat. Oshikan has helped me gain clarity about which direction to move in and she moves me forward through concrete tasks to achieve milestones. I can highly recommend her services for anyone needing guidance through life’s adjustments and transitions.

A. Moore ~ Originally from Sweden & US, living in Oslo, Norway

"She gives you shots of positivity"

Oshikan has the precious gift of listening carefully to your worries and immediately recognizing your inner Bright Soul that you have lost contact to. She helps you make your Inner Beauty transparent to yourself again by chasing away big gray clouds of fear and anxiety. She gives you shots of positivity until you learn to administer to yourself.

Dr. Ulrike Scheffler ~ Berlin, Germany

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