buddha dakini

All-Encompassing Wisdom

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The Vajra Dakini

Mirror-Like Wisdom

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The Ratna Dakini

Wisdom of Equanimity

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The Padma Dakini

Wisdom of Discernment

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The Karma Dakini

All-Accomplishing Wisdom

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Your Quiz Results! 

The first step toward change is awareness.

Your scores reveal where you have encumbered patterns that withhold you from being emotionally whole.
The higher your score, the more attention this aspect needs.

Your scores reveal which types of emotional difficulties are at the forefront for you at this time.  The beauty of being aware of difficult, unpleasant and painful emotions is that they contain valuable information. You see your patterns that do not bring you joy.  Working with a complete system that does not overwhelm, you also gain insight into emotional reactions that were created in the past but keep you stuck now.   

As the yin to the yang, difficult emotions have an opposite aspect, a corresponding Wisdom.  When you practice and feel the five Wisdom states within yourself, you'll feel empowered, aware and at ease.  You'll also become motivated to be and do better without negatively judging yourself. 

Introducing the Dakini Mandala Meditation and Inner Journeys

This quiz is based on the knowledge of a thousand-year-old Tibetan female lineage insight meditation.  In Tibetan language, Dakini translates to ~ Sky Dancers, or those who move through space.  The dancing Dakinis symbolize wild, fierce and free female energy, an energy that resides in all of us.  Each Dakini has her own nature element, color and sound.  The Dakinis represent the 5 emotional hindrances represented in this quiz, and the corresponding 5 Wisdoms you see below.  

The various Dakini Mandala practices (meditation, inner jouneys, artwork etc) have been a bit modernized with western psychology to make more accesible to westerners, (though it's still quite exotic) by Lama Tsultrim Allione, an American Buddhist teacher.  She is dedicated to bringing awareness of Empowered Feminine Wisdom to become more prominent in this world.

The Dakini Mandala Meditation is at the top of my list as an incredibly powerful way to heal emotional and mind-set blocks.  Through practice, you will also gain a deeper understanding of the emotional expressions of other people and how you conditionally react.  Practicing the release of being stuck in various emotional states and deeply experiencing your Inner Wisdom that has often been buried and clouded over, is invaluable!

You don't need to be Buddhist to benefit from this meditation.  Our Inner Wisdom is Universal Wisdom and easily accesible through this complete Mandala Meditation.  Through regular practice (change always involves a commitment to new habits), you can truly experience more harmony and balance in your lfe. 

Buddha Dakini ~ All-encompassing Wisdom

The wisdom the Buddha Dakini contains is reality and open awareness. She is clear, comprehensive, and is spaciousness itself.  She rests in 'what is' and represents limitlessness, freedom, and deep peace.  She is serene. She pacifies, soothes, and heals.

"This wisdom is one of total accomodation; there is an incredible vastness ---- we may call it a sky-like awareness or the wisdom of totality." ~ Lama Tsultrim Allione

The Vajra Dakini ~ Mirror-like Wisdom

This wisdom the Vajra Dakini contains is clarity of mind.  She is alert, with an agile mind, has clear insight and accurate vision.  She encompasses brilliance, reason, impartiality, and imperturbability (extreme calm and serene).  She's like a mirror, recognizing everything precisely without changing it.  With her energy, you find constructive solutions, deepen your concentration and perseverance. Thus, being enabled to defend your point of view and set healthy boundaries with vajra energy.

"If you have been on a lake or by the ocen on a calm, misty day, you almost can't tell the difference between the sky and the water.  Mirror-like wisdom is like this." ~ Lama Tsultrim Allione

The Ratna Dakini ~ Wisdom of Equanimity

This wisdom of the Ratna Dakini has an enriching presence. It encompasses appreciation, gives and receives trust as well as trust in yourself. Her wisdom connects with your inner values, and with her, you raise your self-confidence.  Ratna Dakini creates stability and is very nurturing. She represents generosity and the increase of resources and recognizes the uniqueness and preciousness of everything.

"Ratna wisdom is about equality and 'sameness', about treating everything with equal value and with the dignity of self-existing completeness." ~ Lama Tsultrim Allione

The Padma Dakini ~ Wisdom of Discernment

This wisdom encompasses the wisdom of the heart; she is loving-kindness, also for ourselves.  The Padma Dakini is full of joy, enlightened energy, love, and compassion.  She's intuitive, magnetic, and a good communicator.  She can discern and discriminate. This Wisdom helps you develop gratitude, attract healthy relationships, and be creative.

"The wisdom of discernment carries with it a quality of empathetic concern and caring for others and profound insight into the nature of reality." ~ Lama Tsultrim Allione

The Karma Dakini ~ All-accomplishing Wisdom

This wisdom encompasses joy in wholesome activity, team spirit, fulfilled doing, and being inflow.  The Karma Dakini is skillful, wise and helps us do the right thing at the right time in the right place.  She is not afraid to fail as she learns from mistakes. She collaborates, is fair, and supports the development of others. She is synchronicity. The way is the goal.

"This wisdom brings into action what has been developed in the other four (Dakini) families.  It requires both vast awareness and the skill to bring something to completion." ~ Lama Tsultrim Allione

Invitation to learn this time-honored practice and more

If this quiz and your results piqued your interest in learning more about this meditation practice, how to embody Dakini wisdom within you, and about other very effective tools that I offer from the Applied science of Positive Psychology to overcome the after-effects of emotional wounds, build resilience, increase the use of your Character Strengths and improve your relationships, please book a complimentary call with me.  

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"New, positive and loving perspective on life!"

If you have the chance, I really do recommend working with Oshikan. She is a very warm-hearted and caring person.

As a coach, I feel she manages to communicate respectfully and honestly, with a very clever and thoughtful approach to life. I was lucky to attend her course on difficult mothers, and I'm so happy I joined in.

The women I met there are absolutely fantastic, and Oshikan did an outstanding job structuring the topics to guide us through the sessions. I've especially enjoyed her combination of positive psychology and the Dakini Mandala.

Working with her gave me the tools for a new and positive (and loving) perspective on life!

Joanna Albrecht

"An ever-deepening experience!"

‘Karma with Your Mother’ ~ a journey with inspiration ~ meeting the Dakinis with their colors and symbolism has been an ever-deepening experience!  

Oshikan spreads peaceful magic and leads us through meditation, and teaches fascinating soft skills.  Gaining clarity about challenging emotions and transforming them is hard work, but it’s worth it!  

During her Mandala Meetings, my relationship with my mother changed completely.  I set boundaries for my own self-care and peace for my soul.  I’ve learned to add meditation and conscious time-outs to my daily routine.

Namasté Maria Schertel

"Big heart and very welcoming aura"

Oshikan has a big heart and a very welcoming aura.  She spreads an atmosphere of trust and harmony, and she’s an excellent listener.  

I had a very positive experience attending her Mandala Sessions, learning about the Dakinis and meditation practice.  

In addition, I have more clarity about myself, my way of thinking, and what I will now work on during my inner journey.